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Kristina Stevens

This blog was made using a software created by Wordpress. Wordpress and Blogger are among the leading blogging applications. I personally prefer Wordpress. I find the presentation to be more clean and aesthetic. The navigation is user friendly. And once installed, the maintenance is quite simple.

One thing to know about Wordpress is it is divided into two entities: and This can create a little confusion. But the difference lies in the customization. With, you simply sign up for an account, choose a basic template, and you're ready to go! The downfall is you cannot upload "themes" (or templates) from the Wordpress directory. Nor can you customize the basic themes. You're stuck with a limited number of templates.

On the other hand, with, you are able to upload all the themes you want. You are also able to take a theme and tweak it to meet your needs. However, the downfall is two-fold. One, the installation is laborious for the first-time user. It requires you have access to a server with a remote MySql database connection. Two, you must host the blog on a separate server. This means you're responsible. You have to be sure not to overwrite your files.

The blog at right is operated by It is a custom-built site based on the theme, "MistyLook," by Sadish. My inspiration for this site was the header (a detail of my "sienna" chalk drawing). I chose a deep orange and pale green combination for my links and background colors. Please click here to visit the site. Thank you for your interest!