Help - RSS Feeds

1. Help. How do I add an RSS Feed?

Before adding a RSS feed, you first need to sign up for a reader. There are several good readers on the market. You may want to do some research on the best reader for

If you are in the fine arts section but wish to return to the digital art homepage, simply click on the green tab labeled "digital art." Please see the diagram at right, second from the top. You may also click on "home" and select the digital art submenu.

2. Help. I see your tabs but how do I navigate your site?

Under the tabs, there is a horizontal bar called "a drop-down menu." Once your mouse rolls over a main entry, a menu bar drops down. For example, under "home," you will see the subcategories, "fine art" and "digital art." These subcategories will change color once your mouse hovers over the top. Click on the topic of your choosing. Please refer to the diagram at the bottom for an example of the drop-down menu.




Click on the green tabs labeled, "fine art" or "digital art" (above) to get to the fine art and digital art sections of this website.
Here's an example of the drop-down menu.