Fine Artist Kristina Stevens is a classically trained artist. Stevens studied for four years under Rebecca Alzofon at the Academic Figure Institute. There, Stevens learned the techniques of Renaissance Master's including a layered painting technique known as "the Northern Method." Stevens has taken over 39 classes from noted artists such as Kim English and Craig Nelson, Director of the Academy of Arts in San Francisco. Stevens also studied for three years under Jim Smyth, a noted lecturer and anatomist who is listed in "Who's Who in the West."

Among her works, Stevens received a commission from leading art manufacturer General Pencil, Inc. The commission included four reinterpretations of Old Master drawings for General's product kits. (Look in the stores for General's Pastel Chalk Drawing Assortment #40139-BP). In addition, Stevens has exhibited at Stanford University and Hewlett Packard headquarters. Stevens has also worked as a portrait artist in the Bay Area and she is currently illustrating a travel book on the Italian Renaissance (Click here for a full bio).

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Sienna chalk painting on handmade paper,
(10 x 12").

Kristina Stevens' reinterpretation of an old Master drawing by Lancret.